The seven interdisciplinary teams presented below are made up of a core of academic teachers (language arts, math, science, social studies and vocational studies) The teams have a name, a logo, a bulletin board and T-shirts featuring the logo.

Team Leader
6th Grade, A-L
Ms. Robinson (Science)
6th Grade, M-Z
Mr. Tomlinson (Language Arts)
7th Grade, A-L
Mr. Landon (Science)
7th Grade, M-Z
Mr. Torres (Math)
8th Grade, A-L
Ms. Wiley (Computers)
8th Grade, M-Z
Mr. Tookes (Math)
6th, 7th, 8th Grade Gifted
Ms. Messinger (Language Arts)

Assemblies promote good attendance and reward good grades. Interdisciplinary units use the relationship between subjects to explore a theme, and visually end with a culminating activity like a field trip.

Team teachers meet three mornings each week during the professional service period to review school information, discuss team assemblies and field trips, review the progress of all team students and meet with parents to review progress. These team meetings are a great way for parents to stay in touch with their child's progress. Just call the school at (305)-932-3810 and ask to schedule a team conference.

The students and teachers benefit from training. Students feel a sense of belonging to a group, and a continuity to instruction by their teachers. Team teachers work cooperatively to improve all students on their team, and the meetings provide an opportunity to share ideas to motivate students. Teaming at Highland Oaks is very successful, and is on the cutting edge of national middle school reform.