Dress Code

Uniform Policy


  • Polo Shirts (Gold, Black, or White) with affixed school logo (Mondays-Fridays)
  • Spirt Shirt (Fridays)


  • Black or Khaki Shorts (knee length), Pants, Capris, skirts (knee length)
  • Guys should wear a belt….We don’t need or want to see your underwear!
  • Jeans with NO holes on Fridays with Spirit Shirt


  • Closed toed comfortable shoes, preferably sneakers

Jacket or Sweater:

  • We sell a pull-over hoodie.  You can purchase this or you can purchase a jacket/sweater to wear/bring to school since it sometimes gets cold.

PE Uniform:

  • Black shorts, Gold Top, Sneakers………………………Remember to take them home and wash them!!!!!

Things not to wear:

  • Bandanas, hats, leggings, sweat pants, basketball shorts (unless in PE class), anything with sharp points, no flip flops or slides
  • If you are uncertain, just ask

Things to bring to school every day:

  • Book Bag
  • School Supplies
  • Homework


  • Detention
  • Denial of Participation for in school and out of school functions
  • Alternative to Suspension