Welcome to Highland Oaks Middle School

Believe * Belong * Become

We are excited that you are  visiting our school website that contains pertinent information about  our school.  We look forward to seeing you excel in academics and work  hard towards your goals that you set in middle school.  Be sure to set  aside time to study and complete your assignments every day.  Practice  being organized and responsible as you come prepared for school.  Be  sure to follow our district and school rules, guidelines, and  procedures.  It’s so rewarding and engaging to get involved in after  school clubs and sports at HOM as you make new friends and create new  experiences.  Challenge yourself to be the very BEST you as you practice  kindness, generosity, patience, forgiveness, and respect.  We look  forward to seeing you do AMAZING things here at HOM and are available if  you have any questions or need any assistance.  Have a great school  year! - Cheryl Kushi

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Jul 8

School Uniform Store Open

Jul 25

School Uniform Store Open

Aug 5

School Uniform Store Open